Super Powerful Low Impact Exercises To Lose Belly Fat For Women

Many women tend to have a natural aversion to high impact exercises. While they want to torch more calories and lose belly fat, they also want to keep their tender joints and knees intact. This is where low impact exercises to lose belly fat prove to be the perfect solution. According to certified personal trainers, these exercises allow women to bump up intensity while at the same time they are also able to keep their workout impact low. These exercises allow women to achieve the same end result, i.e. reduced belly fat, without putting too much stress on their joints.

Low Impact Exercises To Lose Belly Fat For Women

1. Cycling

Low Impact Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Cycling is among the most effective low impact works that women can do to lose belly fat. Cell metabolisms in the body are catalyzed by cycling as a result of which body fat, including excess belly fat, is burned out pretty much in the same way as it is during high impact activity. According to a recent study, a person who weight 190 pound can burn up to 650 calories by cycling for one hour. Cycling can be carried out on a variety of terrains or a stationary bike in a gym can be used with varying resistance. Not only is belly fat burned away by cycling but the cardiovascular system is also improved.

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2. Swimming

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Swimming is one of the best low impact exercises to lose belly fat. It is also among the most perfect full body exercises since all the joints, ligaments and muscles are worked out. The muscles of the body have to work against the natural resistance of the worker while swimming. The best results can be obtaining if swim laps are mixed with a variety of different swim strokes, such as butterfly stroke, dog paddle stroke, freestyle and sidestroke. Women who are not skilled at swimming should take swimming lessons. Apart from burning their belly fat, their muscles will also get toned by swimming.

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3. Aerobics

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It is possible for women to do aerobic exercises individually or in groups with the help of an instructor. They are low impact exercises and usually, they prove to be very effective when it comes to losing belly fat. Doing low impact aerobic exercises can enable a woman weighing 200 lbs to lose up to 455 calories in just an hour. In aerobic exercises, large muscle groups are worked out through rhythmic movements. Usually, one foot remains constantly in contact with the floor so strain on body tissues is reduced.

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4. Dancing

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Dancing is another excellent low impact exercises to lose belly fat that is especially perfect for women. Like swimming, dancing gives the body a low impact total workout as a result of which fat burning is enhanced and all the major muscles in the body, such as the belly muscles, are toned. At many community centers and fitness gyms, women can join classes where different dancing styles are practiced as a means of working out, such as ballroom, salsa and zumba.

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Women tend to be picky and high impact exercises often make them hesitant about working out. The good thing about low impact exercises to lose belly fat is that women do not have to worry about the intensity of the workouts and these exercises are also fun to do.

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